USB heating gloves

Gloves that will warm up your hands when working at the computer

Gloves powered through the USB port

Do you sometimes find your hands getting cold while working at the computer? Does it make it a nuisance to do even the simplest tasks? We have an excellent solution for you! Forget about cold and pain – buy the heating gloves! Our gloves will warm up your fingers when typing, gaming or browsing websites.

Not just in front of the computer

The gloves are powered through a USB port; they have a switch that allows adjusting the heating level. Non-working heating will no longer keep you away from the keyboard! Actually, not just the keyboard – connect a power bank to the gloves, and you can warm up your hands wherever you are, doing whatever you like (like when reading or watching TV).

The heating gloves were invented and designed specifically to keep your hands warm. It’s a perfect gift for those who hate cold!