Taranturella and Securella - Inverted Umbrellas

An inverted folding automatic umbrellas

Taranturella and Securella are solid, elegant and eye-catching automatic umbrellas that utilize an advanced inverted folding system. They are suitable for both women and men alike, and on top of that they are compact too, which allows them to easily fit in a bag or a small backpack.

These are gifts for people who value unconventional items.

An automatic umbrella with an inverted folding system

  • - you won’t get your floor wet while inside – the umbrella’s wet fabric hides inside,
  • - you won’t get wet while getting in the car, on a bus or a tram – the inverted folding umbrella will protect you from rain until the last moment,
  • - you will get inside dry, as you can fold the umbrella while literally being one step inside,
  • - you won’t get yourself, your seat or the people around you wet, even on a crowded bus – the water stays inside the umbrella upon folding,
  • - you can easily store away a wet umbrella when you can’t get it dry right away.

It will satisfy even an opponent of umbrellas

  • - it solves the problem of always wet umbrellas that you don’t know what to do with (can’t store it away, can’t put it aside, as it will just get everything wet),
  • - handy when folded – it will fit inside a bag or a small backpack,
  • - the design makes it easier to walk around the city on rainy days,
  • - a practical umbrella for the car and for public transportation, as it makes getting in easier, and stays dry on the outside when folded,
  • - the neutral color scheme makes it universal.

The unusual umbrella is a great gift idea for:

  • - women who are bored with flower-pattern women’s umbrellas,
  • - men who are not satisfied with the classic black umbrella,
  • - those who haven’t been convinced about carrying an umbrella around (e.g. teenagers),
  • - people who often return home after dark.

Meet our inverted umbrellas

Taranturella - Inverted Umbrella with Spider

With a huge spider printed on the inside, and black on the outside.

Securella - Inverted Umbrella with Reflective Strip

Inverted automatic umbrella which increases your safety on the road.