Talking and Counting Bottle Opener

Counts and talks while opening a beer

Every beer counts

This novelty beer opener counts bottles when you open a beer with it and at the same time plays the text you have recorded.

It's a beer gadget created for real men – it’s practical, provides entertainment during each use and keeps individual high scores of the owner or of the whole group. Thanks to to the built-in beer counter you will easily recall the joys of the previous evening.

It talks while opening a beer

Every time you open a beer, this bottle opener plays whatever you have recorded (up to 10 sec. of a strange sound, joke or a funny film quote).

Don’t worry; the gadget is resistant to the effects of boredom – you can change the recording multiple times so that the opener surprises people during each party.

Gift for a beer lover

This novelty bottle opener is a fun gift for men: a friend, dad, brother, husband or a boyfriend. It will work perfectly as a personalised joke gift for the best mate because it allows you to record any text, sound, a toast, or your favourite film quote.

You can also give somebody your best wishes in an unusual way – record them with the Talking and Counting Opener and give it to a beer lover.