SPA relaxing set

A set of romantic bathing accessories in a decorative box

Home SPA in a few minutes

Everyone deserves a moment of relaxation – especially if you’re overcome by routine, work, chores or education in your day to day life. A crazy last-minute holiday or a trip to a five-star SPA may turn out to be out of your reach, but don’t worry – true relaxation will be waiting for you at home. All that thanks to this elegant, subtle and handy box.

A moment to yourself at home

The SPA relaxing set is a perfect way to have a moment to yourself and relax in home conditions. The inflatable heart-shaped bathing pillow will provide you with adequate comfort. In contrast, the incense sticks with a stand will ensure that relaxing scents help you soothe your senses after a hard week. Other useful things include rosebud-shaped bath soaps, rose petals and scented candles. They will build a good atmosphere and help you relax and leave all worries outside the bathroom’s door.

Give relaxation as a gift

A gadget that helps relax is always good for a gift. It will be perfect for Women’s Day; taking care of yourself and your needs is something every woman could use.

You can give it for Valentine’s Day because the red color and the heart imagery will emphasize the love theme of the gift. And if you want to, you can both use it for a bath together!

A foolproof gift for her

The set will also appeal to overworked ladies: women who work a lot to students of all ages who spend plenty of time studying. It is also a neat present for a homebody who could use a bit of relaxation but doesn’t feel like going out or visiting a SPA.

The SPA relaxing set is also an exciting gift for an overworked Mom. This will make it an excellent present for Mother’s Day, birthday, name day or as a gift without an occasion, to show how much we respect and appreciate her.