Sexy Aprons

With male and female body

For her and for him

Sexy Aprons are fun novelty gifts for men and women. Aprons show attractive male and female bodies with the iconic slogan - I’m sexy and I know it. They're also very functional - made of solid waterproof material, which protects the clothes well.

Instant sexy body

If you are looking for a way to shape your gorgeous body quickly, then buying the Sexy Apron will definitely be the quickest one. ;) Thanks to this gadget culinary abilities will take a back seat – his or her look will fire up the appetite, but rather for other pleasant things...

Great protection

The fabric does not let liquids go through and guarantees that the clothes underneath remain clean. Thanks to the strong and waterproof material, you can forget about kitchen grease and food stains – or about any clothes, if you prefer. :)

Recommended occasions

Sexy Aprons are gifts for people with sense of humour, who doesn't lack self-confidence. They're work especially as a gifts for a stag night, hen party and Valentine's Day. It’s a present for birthdays or anniversaries, the one that should be taken with a pinch of salt, of course.