Rose soap and petals

A gift set consisting of scented soaps and rose petals

Prepare a romantic bath

The rose petal set will turn a bath into an incredible experience! The sight of rose petals and the scent of flowers will provide you with a beautiful mood for the rest of the day. They will allow you to get perfectly relaxed, and all the gloomy thoughts will go away! You can enjoy the rose bath on your own or make a romantic surprise for your significant one: make a flower carpet out of rose petals that lead to the tub and place the flowers on the water.

Give it as a gift

The set consists of as many as 600 red synthetic rose petals (which look like real ones but are much more durable) and 14 lovely smelling soaps in the shape of rosebuds. They were made of aromatic soap that will dissolve slowly, releasing the rose aroma. It is a beautiful, elegant gift for every occasion, both for singles and for couples in love alike.