Nitly - Dress Apron

An apron which looks like a dress

Beautiful & neat

Nitly is a combination of a cooking apron and a gorgeous dress. Thanks to an elegant cut and style it is a perfect gift for women who want to feel feminine, even in the kitchen. This vintage apron is a smart way to look neat while you cook.

Great protection

Put this neat apron on when you want to be sure that your outfit stays clean. Thanks to the strong and waterproof material, you can forget about kitchen grease and food stains on your clothes.

Ready to be given

Nitly is an excellent choice for a friend, sister, girlfriend, mum or for a woman who likes throwing parties - she doesn’t have to be a passionate chef to appreciate a gift like that. It makes a perfect present for a female boss and colleague. It is recommended as a house-warming gift and for hen parties.

This retro apron is packed in an elegant gift box with a ribbon so you can give it to somebody just after buying.

Big & small

There is a smaller version of Nitly, which makes a sweet present for a little star baker that will inspire her to do kitchen experiments. Give it to your daughter, niece or goddaughter - maybe she will reward you with a box of home-baked goods? :)

It is also a great idea to give a small and large apron together, e.g to a mother and daughter. They will look delightfully in matching aprons (also in the pictures) and have fun in the kitchen.


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