Mushroom Picker's Set

A practical mushroom picking set

How about dropping everything and going mushroom picking? - a lot of mushroom picking lovers would react to these words with joy. And if they’re also accompanied by an extraordinary gift, including practical mushroom picking equipment, the joy will be even greater. If someone you know is among those who see mushroom picking as a pleasant custom, given their equipment, that fits it well!

What’s included in the mushroom picking set?

To make mushroom picking easier, the set includes a practical knife made of stainless steel with a cleaning brush. Because mushrooms like airy containers, the set also comes with a folding basket. The double-sided hat will protect you from ticks. If the mushroom picking turns out particularly successful, you will have a huge bag with you that may also be used for other purposes.

For a mushroom picking lover

The mushroom picking set in the form of a gift will make every fan of forest excursions happy. Father’s Day, Grandpa’s Day, birthday or Christmas are perfect occasions to give such a set to a mushroom picking enthusiast.