Microphone Mug

With unique handle in the shape of a microphone

Music mug with a shaped handle

The mug and the microphone theme is a popular combination, but only this one has a sculpted handle that looks like a real vintage microphone. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your music gift will stand out and will please the recipient.

Microphone Mug will help everyone to feel like a music star or world class radio presenter, while drinking a morning coffee.

Nice music gift

Microphone Mug is a perfect gift for professional singers, those that only intend on becoming ones, and for everyone who likes singing, e.g. your karaoke loving friend or street performer.

If we want to make such a person feel unique, let's give her a cup with the handle in the shape of a microphone, showing this way how gladly we listen to her or him.

Not only for singers

Microphone Mug is also a great present for good speakers, no matter if it's related to their job, or their character.

It will do the job as a gift for a beatboxer, voice actor, stand-up comedian or the musical theatre actor.

It will please the instructors, lecturers, radio hosts and artists – the mug will come handy on tea or coffee breaks at work.