Man cooking apron

Male apron with pockets and a bottle opener

BBQ apron for men

Every self-respecting man knows that cooking without an apron is like grilling without meat: possible in theory but without any sense in practice. The Man Cooking Apron has been designed precisely for such a man.

This funny and practical beer gift will be useful in the kitchen as well as during open-air events - when barbecuing, cooking and serving dishes. Thanks to the included bottle opener you are always ready to roll.

Pockets for the party equipment

The apron has seven pockets which can hold the BBQ key equipment:

      - Beer
      - Ketchup
      - Beer
      - Mustard
      - Beer (yup, it's the third one)
      - Phone
      - Small beer (the fact that you are holding it in your hand means that it's about time to fill up pockets #1, 3 and 5)

There is a bottle opener in the set (if it gets lost then only with the owner, because it is held on a string).

Practical & funny

Everything a man needs in a kitchen can be held in one of the apron's pockets.

Its strong fabric is water-resistant and guarantees that the clothes underneath remain clean.

The Don’t mess with cooking man inscription and the look of a fully equipped apron can make even the biggest grump burst out laughing.

Not only for beer lovers

The apron is a perfect birthday gift not only for a beer lover but also for a man who has other reasons to enter the kitchen than taking a beer out of the fridge.

It will work perfectly as a gift for a BBQ lover - husband, father, son, brother or friend. If they like to take the lead by the grill or in the kitchen and value practical solutions, this bib apron is a perfect present for them.

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