Magic Mug - Kitten and Puppy

A heat changing pet mug

Hidden message

After taking the Magic Mug out of the box, all you see is a pet and a short message. However, the pet on the mug, just as human, needs a little warmth to show other people its feelings.

When you pour some hot brew inside, the mug's appearance unexpectedly changes and hidden message magically appear.

No special occasion needed

Sometimes, an unremarkable thing can become the best surprise. This mug is such a gift – it arouses curiosity and surprises.

It is especially useful on Valentines Day or anniversary. But even if you think some days during the year are not worth celebrating, there is always someone who should be appreciated – no matter if it is your girlfriend or boyfriend, wife or husband. .

A way to make a day

It's also surprising and original enough to make saying I love you a great occasion for giving it. Magic Mug works every time you want to tell that he or she is special for you so it can be a great gift for mum or the best friend.

How it works

The mug is covered with some special paint that, when hot, gradually reveals a hidden message. If you want to make a nice surprise to somebody, all you need to do is pour some hot beverage inside.

When the mug cools down or when you pour some cold water inside, the mug will get back to the way it was.