Love Mugs

Two perfectly matching mugs in the shape of a heart

Practical and romantic

The Love Mugs make a great combination of a romantic and practical gift. The set consists of two heart-shaped mugs that fit together perfectly. Their shape will cause the person you gift with them to think about you throughout the day – especially when your cup is not there.

A gift for the significant other

Two perfectly matching heart-shaped mugs will come in handy for everyone who likes to drink coffee or tea while accompanied by their loved one. The Love Mugs is a universal gift that you can give to your significant other regardless of how long you’ve been together.

For anniversaries and the Valentine’s day

Perfectly matching mugs will prove themselves as a gift for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and for every occasion where you wish to express your feelings towards the other person. Always be close to the one you love, and let your hearts connect into a perfect whole!

Meet Love Mugs

Love mugs - White

Love mugs - Red and White

Love mugs - Red