Impressions Clock - Photo Frame Clock

Clock for self-assembly

With a set of twelve photo frames

A unique photo clock including a set of twelve photo frames for self-assembly. Make a nice wall decor.

Show for your love story, pics from a trip or wedding, your best memories, baby’s first year of life.

Beautiful wedding gift

What would be the story of your love if told in twelve frames? Select the most beautiful photos which are going to evoke warm feelings and compose the story yourself!

You can give such a present to a beloved person for Valentines Day or an anniversary, and remember the pleasant memories every time you check the time. It is also a beautiful gift for a couple, especially recommended as a wedding gift.

Baby's first year of life

12 first months stand for the time of the most significant changes in a baby's life. A child grows with each day, and it is a time always accompanied by a great number of photos. The Impressions Clock will allow to present them beautifully – each month of life stands for one photo and one hour on the clock.

This decorative timepiece is a real must-have for new parents! It will enchant and touch the family members as well as all home decor enthusiasts.

Family memories

The Photo Frame Clock is a universal gift for various occasions because every person possesses images worth showing.

It is a keepsake created to be given to someone special, someone with whom we share our memories – not only a partner or friend.

The clock will be an excellent gift for a grandmother, grandfather, or parents who – regardless of the child's age – always willingly return to the best family memories.