Hugpaca - Heated Alpaca

A very soft heated alpaca, perfect for hugging

Everybody wants
to hug alpaca

Hugpaca is a soft alpaca which is simply asking for a hug. It has a cute face, is pleasant to touch, evokes positive feelings and warms you up nicely.

Hidden inside the alpaca is a pocket with a heat pad. The pad is filled with cherry stones, whose pleasant warmth will allow you to relax. It is heated in a microwave, and it is reusable.

Warming alpaca

The Hugpaca will be an irreplaceable companion during cool autumn-winter evenings. All you have to do to feel its pleasant warmth is take the cherry stone heating pad out of its pocket and place it for a moment in a microwave or electric oven. Its company will make reading books or watching movies much more enjoyable, and thanks to its size and appropriate thickness, it will become a nice and soft warming pillow.

Better than
a hot-water bottle

This cute and cuddly creature can be used both at home and outside. Its look improves mood, warmth relaxes, and softness is simply irresistible. Hugpaca used without the heat pad will come in handy while having a nap. The cherry stone pad can also be used separately and used as a cold compress as well, e.g. for bruises.

For those who like to hug:

Hugpaca is a cute creature that will especially please people who freeze fairly easily. Give it to your girlfriend for Valentine's Day or anniversary – it would be hard for her not to smile at the sight of a cheerful llama that can be hugged in your absence. It's a perfect gift for anyone who likes to cuddle: for a sister, friend, wife or mother. If you know someone whose eyes are lit up at the sound of the words llama or alpaca, this animal-like gadget is made just for them. An excellent opportunity to give Hugpaca to someone close to you is Christmas – after all, in winter you can never have too much heat.