How to tie

Tie with graphical manual for tying a standard necktie

A manual that you will not lose

Tying a necktie isn’t quite as simple as it might seem, and you have certainly learned that firsthand more than once. Especially if you only wear ties for special occasions. Employees of giant corporations likely not have any trouble with that, but many men simply don’t know how to go about that cursed tying.

Step by step

So what to do when you’re almost late, and you’re still standing helplessly in front of the mirror? Time for an emergency solution: a necktie with tying instructions! The instructions are graphical and explain step-by-step how to do that. You will surely never lose it, and at the same time, you will quickly learn the secret of tying, as it is placed directly on the necktie!

Accessory for a man with a healthy distance from oneself

Turn your ignorance about necktie tying into a joke, show you don’t take yourself too seriously and wear this original necktie to a party! This elegant yet funny accessory will get the attention of more than one friend. Plus, it is suitable for any outing!