Heated Gingerbread Man with a Warm Heart

For someone who you love

A cuddly gingerbread man

What is cute, can be cuddled with and has a heart that can warm up? A Heating Gingerbread Man with a Warm Heart! This smiling cuddly toy that looks like a giant gingerbread man is eager to share its warmth with everyone who wants to cuddle with it. That’s because the cuddly gingerbread character hides inside a truly warm heart – a heating insert filled with cherry seeds. All you have to do to enjoy its warmth is warm up the insert in a microwave or an oven and then put it in the pocket hidden under the scarf.

For those you love

The Heating Gingerbread Man is a personification of warmth, coziness and your love for the person you wish to give it to. If your friend or sister likes to cuddle and you want to give her something surprising, original, something that will warm her up and help relax, then the Heating Gingerbread Man will be a good choice. It will also work perfectly as a gift for mom or grandma – the gingerbread man can make a loyal companion for reading or watching TV.

Not only for the Valentine’s Day or anniversaries

It is hard to imagine a better gift for the Valentine’s Day than a warm heart. For the woman you love, the Heating Gingerbread Man with a Warm Heart will be a surprising gift that will:

  • - bring out warm feelings,
  • - remind her of you and make her think of your warm love,
  • - warm her up on cold days.
And all of that thanks to the heart-shaped heating pad that, when preheated, is inserted into the Gingerbread Man’s concealed pocket. This heating cuddly toy is a romantic gift for girlfriend, fiancée or wife that will also work great for anniversaries.

How the Gingerbread Man gives warmth

The cherry seed heating pad located inside the Heating Gingerbread Man’s zipper pocket will provide pleasant warmth and relax. All you have to do is take it out of the pocket, put it for a moment in a microwave or an electric oven and then put it back in the pocket. And even thought the Gingerbread Man himself doesn’t have a gingery scent of Christmas pastries, his insert, which is warm, smells really nice – with a light cherry aroma.