Heated Croissant - Giant Pillow

Warm chocolate croissant, perfect for hugging

Giant Croissant with a heat pad

Heated Croissant Pillow is a giant croissant-shaped pillow with a pocket for a heat pad that looks like chocolate. This original pillow is a gift with an incredibly delicious look. The pad is filled with cherry stones, whose pleasant warmth will allow you to relax. It is heated in a microwave, and it is reusable.

At home

As a normal pillow (but the one of an unusual look), Heated Croissant will help you to relax after a hard day, and it will become a decoration of your living room or a bedroom.

Lying on a warm croissant, you will take your time out listening to the music or reading a book. When watching a film, you will hug a warm pillow with pleasure, especially in autumn or winter.

Croissant used without the heat pad will come in handy while having a nap.

Also for travel

The Heated Croissant Giant Pillow is not only an extraordinary decorative pillow. It will be suitable for travelling, providing comfort and making your nap easier.

When put around the neck, it looks interesting enough that it can become an excuse to start a pleasant conversation with fellow passengers (or beautiful female fellow passenger:), e.g. on a plane or a train.

As a comfortable travel headrest, the croissant will also work at home or in the office, where it will nicely warm the neck and allow you to enjoy a moment of relaxation.

A heated pillow with a tasty look

To enjoy the pleasant warmth of the pillow, take a cherry pit heat pad out of the pocket and put it in a microwave or an electric oven for a moment. Such a heated pillow will help to relax muscles or relieve pain. The cherry stone pad can also be used separately and used as a cold compress as well, e.g. for bruises.

Everyone will love
the giant croissant

It's a gift for women (because it's sweet, but without calories), as well as for men (because it's practical and fun).

It will be loved by a girlfriend, sister, wife, friend and even a brother who likes to tease his colleagues at work at dinnertime.

Do you know a master of home-made pastries or an enthusiast of French breakfasts? The Heated Croissant will be the right gift for them.