Heart-shaped warmers

Hearts filled with heating gel, perfect for chilly days

A warming gadget for those in love

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a pair of hearts. The purpose of these two little hearts is to warm up your other half, like during a winter stroll and whenever you cannot be with them in person (like on the way to work or to school). These two inconspicuous hearts, filled with a warming gel, can be brought along anywhere, even on the coldest day.

How it works

After bending the activator floating in the gel substance several times, it undergoes a crystallization process within a few seconds. This causes the heart to warm up to a temperature of 54°C. The heart will maintain such a temperature for about 20 to 30 minutes.

The hearts are reusable. After being boiled in water, they are like new!

An irreplaceable gadget for cold days

The warming hearts are irreplaceable during cold fall and winter evenings, on the way to work or to school in a cold winter morning, as well as when camping or sailing.