Grenade Mugs

Novelty mug in the shape of grenade

A mug to be reckoned with

Sometimes strong coffee or tea is not enough. When the day starts looking like a battlefield, it also takes a solid dose of confidence to face it, as well as a gadget that will emphasize the owner’s uniqueness!

A Grenade Mug is a must-have for people who are straightforward and value their own opinion. Drinking coffee at work from a mug like that adds energy and commands respect. Nobody dares to bother a person holding a grenade with any rubbish!

There is also a novelty shot glass in the shape of a grenade, great for hard liquors. It also makes a nice novelty espresso cup which will be a perfect morning coffee companion.

A perfect gift for cool people

A Grenade Mug is a perfect gift for all the cool people as well as those who are in charge: it will be a good gift idea for your best mate, dad, son or brother. It will work well both as a novelty present for a boyfriend and for the husband who has everything.

Not only for military fans

The mug will work as a gag gift for the boss (walking around the office with a grenade will surely double their respect) or a teacher. It will also be enjoyed by all fans of army themes or military games.

It’s a creative gift for those who value originality.

Meet Grenade Mugs

Grenade Mug 450 ml

A grenade-shaped 450 ml mug. No matter if it contains a herbal tea or strong coffee, the Grenade Mug will always win respect from everyone around.

Giant Grenade Mug

This awesome gadget is big enough not only for a tea but also a beer with a head, which makes it a perfect mug for hanging out with friends.

Thanks to the attached tags for different occasions, the gift will gain an even more personal feel.

Grenade Shot

A novelty shot glass in the shape of a grenade, perfect for hard liquors.

It looks great when used as a vodka shot but also makes a fun and impressive espresso cup. Grenade Shot has the perfect size for a small coffee.