Froster Wrist Watches

A wristwatch with math equations to solve

Maths Wrist Watch

The Maths Wrist Watch will be enjoyed by mathematicians, programmers and everyone who sees themselves as a scientific mind. It will make them feel appreciated for their intellect! The watch face, instead of regular hours, displays math equations that one can test themselves at. Now nobody will have any doubts that the owner is someone with a good head on their shoulders.

A wristwatch with a face like a classic car speedometer

Speedometer Wrist Watch

The Speedometer Wrist Watch is a men’s watch the face of which borrows from the appearance of speedometers in cult cars from the late 80s/early 90s. The watch face faithfully mimics a car speedometer and infallibly attracts attention with its appearance. So if you know someone who likes to stand out in the crowd, and an engine’s roar is the melody of their soul, you’ve just found an automotive gadget for them.

A wristwatch with a laid-back phrase

Whatever Wrist Watch

Some people get lost in time more than others, which is why they can never reach the agreed-upon place at the right time. What can we do if we know someone like this? We can just lay back. And give them a wristwatch for latecomers.

The Whatever Wrist Watch is suitable both as a funny gift for a coworker who always chases the deadline and our girlfriend who always forgets everything. It might also make a cute joke by a creative parent for a teenager who is always late home.