Froster Whisky Sets

Accessories for serving whisky in a case

All that you need for whisky

Every whisky lover knows that drinking this unique liquor requires an adequate setting: elegant glasses, something to lower the drink’s temperature and some other gadgets. Froster’s whisky sets provide all of that. It’s a combination of elegance and functionality – they will make a connoisseur happy and will serve for years to come.

The sets make an ideal setting for drinking whisky in any conditions – either at home or on a trip.

The case that protects the contents

Each element of the set has its place in a hard case, thanks to which it is well protected against breaking or suffering other damage, and also looks great when you open the case. Thanks to it, you can easily take the set for a trip and provide the right setting to drink whisky. Even when you spend time outdoors, you can share with someone the pleasure of drinking whisky.

A whisky sets for every mood

Elegant glasses are an obligatory element of every whisky set. In our sets you will find both classic, solid glasses without a print as well as printed versions.

The printed glasses come with three filling levels that allow us to look at the reality around us with humour and inform about our day without saying a word. The print on the glasses confirms a simple truth: regardless of your mood, it’s always a good time to have whisky.

A gift for a whisky lover

  • - For a man that is hard to surprise – especially if it seems that he has already seen all whiskey-related gadgets in existence;
  • - For boyfriend, husband, dad, brother and other men in your life – let them know that you care about their well-being;
  • - For a wedding, a stag night or a hen party – to help two whisky lovers make it through harder times as well as celebrate the best times in adequate conditions;
  • - For a housewarming party – because more glassware is always welcome;
  • - For a birthday – every man mature enough to drink whisky will enjoy such practical gift;
  • - For an outing or a date in the open – if the other person likes whisky, they won’t be able to say no to such gesture.

Meet Froster Whisky Sets

Froster Whisky Case with Glasses

Inside you will find two whisky glasses. The case also includes a place to put a bottle of whisky, which means it can also be taken along anywhere!

Froster Guitar Whisky Set

A guitar-shaped case filled with whisky accessories. The set includes: two solid whisky glasses, matt black hip flask, two glass coasters with bullet holes theme, ice tongs and four metal ice bullets, which – after removing from the freezer – will help you keep the drink's temperature low without changing its taste.

Froster Whisky Lover's Set

Because good moments should be shared, the set consists of two glasses – so that you can always enjoy whisky in a good company. The set also includes stone cubes made of soapstone to cool the whisky without altering its flavor. For more convenience, the cubes should be placed in a freezer, packed in the included bag.

Whisky Glass Who cares

A whisky glass for every mood. This printed whisky glass is marked with 3 level lines to help you express your satisfaction with how the day is going.

  • - Good Day: It's been a good day - let's celebrate!
  • - Bad Day: It's been a bad day - a drink is what I need.
  • - Who cares: It doesn't matter what was the question, 'Who cares' is the answer. :)

Whisky Glass Valentine's Day

When the feelings that accompany the Valentine’s Day cannot be expressed with words, use this glass! It has three filling levels, with the top one reserved for this one special day.

If there is no word that can describe the emotions you feel about the Valentine’s Day, fill the glass up to the "Valentine's Day" level and let the print speak for itself. And if you want to, you can have the Valentine’s Day all year round!