Froster Wall Clocks

Wall clocks

The Froster wall clocks feature references to different personalities, interests or life’s milestones and they help look at them with a smile. Their dials are protected with real glass, and their appearance will go well with different interiors, regardless of the owners’ age. Most of them have also silent, continuous sweep mechanism.


There are also wall clocks that measure time backwards.

Anticlocks look like standard wall clocks, except that their hands move backwards. Although unconventional, they are still functional and they can easily be used to check the time.

Whatever clock

A clock that works great both for those who are always tardy as well as people who don’t want to ever stress over time. The scattered numbers simply won’t allow you to check the exact time, and the funny caption will remind you that you are late anyway. Whatever!

Relax and don't care about busy schedule.

Speedometer Clock

A wall clock with a dial that looks like a classic car meter. It's one of those clocks that are difficult to pass by, especially for someone who loves cars.

The hours on the dial have been replaced by a speedometer scale. The clock face also includes a printed kilometre counter, which will always have low mileage. ;) The gadget should appeal to all fans of cars and classics, regardless of their age.

Genius Clock

Wall clock with puzzles, which measures time backwards. Hours on the dial are replaced by puzzles and calculations to solve - with every second you not only get younger but also smarter. Hands of the clock move in the opposite direction - correctly reading the current time is only an easy task for people with a good head on their shoulders!

Hang the Genius Clock on your wall and exercise your mind at any time, or give it to someone smart – let them feel appreciated for their intellect.

Meet all Froster Wall Clocks

The Froster wall clocks also offer many other clock models, including in different languages. What is more – they keep coming with new patterns, which might include a clock with a custom made dial based on your own idea or in your own language.