Froster Ice Shots

With filling which cools the alcohol

Set of 4 novelty shot glasses

If you agree with the statement that good vodka is cold vodka, Ice Shots are a drinking gadget just for you. Thanks to the special filling, the glasses help to cool down alcohol – just freeze them before the party. Ice Shots do not melt like ordinary ice glasses, they are very comfortable and durable, and additionally they come in two versions: multicolour and neutral – transparent.

How it works

Ice Shots are made of double-walled acrylic glass with a special filler in between, which keeps the temperature low after freezing. Just turn the glasses upside down, put them in the freezer and wait until they freeze to enjoy cold absinthe, vodka, rum, tequila or liqueur during a party.

For people who like hard liquors

These novelty vodka shots are created for practical people who like hard liquors so we recommend them especially as a gift for men. They will be a good present idea for the best mate, dad, son or brother. They will work well both as a practical gift for a boyfriend and for the husband who has everything.

Recommended occasions

Ice Shots are the perfect party companions and make a great gift for a hen or a stag party as well as a house-warming. It is a nice present not only for vodka drinkers but also for anyone who likes throwing parties and values originality. We recommend this alcohol novelty as a gift for Men's Day and birthdays.