Froster Ice Mugs

Beer mugs with cooling filling

Nobody likes warm beer. If you want to enjoy your chilled drink after a hard day for longer, take out a cold Froster Ice Mug. Pour your beer into it and delight in its refreshing flavour and perfect temperature.

The mug walls have a special filling (liquid or gel) between them that, when chilled, maintains a low temperature for a long time.

A gift for beer lovers

Froster Ice Mug should find its place with every beer enthusiast and those who like to throw social gatherings. It will entertain everyone who wants cold drinks and pays attention to how the glass they’re drinking looks. It will also work great during the grilling season – after all, everyone starts craving cold beer when the warmer months arrive.

Meet Froster Ice Mugs

Cooling beer mug with classic shape

FROSTER Ice Mug 500ml

It's a mug in a classic shape and with 500 ml capacity, made of acrylic glass. Drinking from it is more than just convenience – it is a pure pleasure.

Beer mug with a cooling filling perfect for a large beer


A mug that can fit whole 600 ml – which is a large beer with foam on top. Made of a very resistant material, which is acrylic glass. It also has a pleasant, exciting appearance.

It's a must-have for those who wish to enjoy a cold beer for longer.

Cooling beer glass perfect for a large beer

Cooling Beer Glass

It’s a practical, convenient gadget, and it pleases the eye on top of that. Its capacity is the whole 650ml, which means it will fit a real beer with the foam. Its elegant, universal shape will make it a pleasure to drink from it for everyone regardless of age or sex.

FROSTER Ice Mug 500ml - Liquid

FROSTER Ice Mug 500ml - Gel

FROSTER Ice Mug 500ml - Blue Gel

FROSTER MAX Ice Mug - Liquid


Cooling Beer Glass - Liquid