Explorer's Map

A world map in form of a scratch poster with a closeup of Europe

A scratch card for fans of travelling

Are you looking for an unorthodox way to show others which wonderful places you have visited? With the Explorer’s Map, which is actually one big scratch card, it will be incredibly simple. All you have to do is scratch off the place you’ve just been too after each journey!

2 in 1

The Explorer’s Map depicts the entire world, and thanks to its large size you won’t miss any place you have visited! The scratch card includes a closeup of Europe and a list of places you’ve got to visit, which means you don’t have to buy two separate maps.

How to use the scratch poster?

That’s very simple: after each trip to a new place, scratch off its corresponding area on the map and think back to all the great feelings that accompanied you while discovering it. You will feel just as if you were discovering it again! The Explorer’s Map is a must-have for everyone who travels around the world.

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