Emergency Cash Stash - Bullet

Novelty keyring for secret money

Compact money holder

Emergency cash stash - Bullet is a novelty keyring that looks like a gold bullet. It’s empty inside so you can hide an emergency note or other small items in it. This gadget works well as a compact secret money holder that can always be at hand - e.g. when attached to your car key.

Hidden money stash

There are still many different situations in which you might need emergency cash, instead of cards. Hiding a rolled-up note inside a capsule keyring, that you always have with you, can be a good idea, especially if it looks as good as this bullet-like stash.

For whom

Typical gun and gadget lover is a man. That’s why we recommend this keychain, especially as a practical cheap gift for men. You can give it to your boyfriend, husband, brother or son - they will love this military gadget at first glance. Additionally, if you want to make a pleasant surprise, you can write a secret message or wishes and hide them in the bullet.