Electric Tie Rack

A practical gadget for a man’s wardrobe

Rotating rack which arranges all gentleman's ties

A battery-operated electric rack is a gadget that will finally make it convenient to access neckties. All we have to do is press the button, and the ties will start spinning around, making it easier to pick the right one.

An electric rack is an excellent idea for a modern gift for an elegant gentleman. It will impress a gadget lover, who will gladly present this novelty to all his friends. It will also be adequate for a man who values practical solutions and likes to keep things organized, even in his wardrobe.

Keeping the wardrobe neat

  • - all neckties collected in one place and perfectly ordered – no need to look for them all over the wardrobe,
  • - they look great, especially when sorted by colour,
  • - the rack has built-in LEDs – you will pick the right tie even when it’s dark,
  • - it keeps the space inside the wardrobe organized,
  • - it will also impress a wife who does not tolerate mess in her husband’s things.

Easy assembly without tools

The rack is mounted on a bar inside the wardrobe, without any tools and without taking the bar off.

A modern gift for men

  • - a perfect gift for husband – by giving it, you will appreciate his natural elegance, while you get more room for your stuff in a shared wardrobe,
  • - a gadget for a son who will love the new toy and will now have the motivation to get his things organized,
  • - a dream come true for a man who likes to stay organized – his collection of ties can be sorted by colour and admired as they spin around,
  • - a practical gift for a gentleman dad who likes to be elegant.