Case for Couple with Wine and Whisky Glasses

For a couple that understands each other

Mutual understanding is essential

Living together is filled with good and bad times, but everything is simpler when we can talk to each other and don’t take things too seriously.

Froster Case for Couple with Wine and Whisky Glasses is an original tongue-in-cheek gift that will make communication easier for both partners and allow to enjoy favourite drinks in an adequate setting.

Everyone drinks what they like most

Suppose one partner is a whisky lover while the other prefers wine, but they still make a great couple despite their differences. In that case, they are definitely going to like the set with the Who cares theme.

Such a gift for couple will help keep everyday life in perspective and enjoy the time spent together even more.

A set for every mood

The set includes a whisky glass and a giant wine glass. The wine glass can fit a whole bottle, the whisky glass is solid – and, just like the wine glass, very elegant.

There are also the sets with glasses marked with three filling levels. They allow to keep things in perspective and inform the partner about own mood in a humorous manner.

Shared case which protects the glass

The entire thing is packed in a shared case that will protect the glass from breaking and make the set easier to transport. The elegant, durable case can also be given as a gift right away, without any extra packaging.

Take the case and its contents with you, pack your favourite drinks and enjoy them wherever you like.

A gift for couples for many occasions

  • - For a wedding – it’s a good idea for a wedding gift, as it is durable and practical. It will help the newly-weds go through worse times with humour and optimism, as well as celebrate the best times in the right setting;
  • - For Valentine’s Day and anniversaries – to celebrate every day together;
  • - For a house-warming – a new house means a new adventure, and drinking should be classy. By giving this set you make sure that that’s the exact way alcohol will be consumed in the hosts’ house;
  • - For a stag party – because the engaged couple will soon find out that the difference between a good day and a bad one is the amount of alcohol consumed by the end of it;
  • - For a hen party – it will help the wife-to-be make it through every mood, and impress her husband with her unique communication skills at the first opportunity.

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