Book lamp

A LED lamp that provides portable light for reading books

A reading lamp you can take anywhere

How many times have you had to stop reading your favourite book in the most intense moment to turn off the light because others in your house were trying to sleep? It was difficult to fall asleep while wondering what would happen to the book’s protagonists, and the morning was far away. Luckily, with this gadget, you will never have such problems again.

A perfect light for a long time

Thanks to this lamp, you can read your favourite book at night without straining yourself. How is this possible? The Book lamp will effectively illuminate just the text without annoying those trying to get some sleep. Thanks to a particular clip, you will conveniently attach it to the cover. The lamp is thin and lightweight, and the LEDs provide the perfect light for a long time.

The reader’s lamp can be folded quickly so that you can fit it in any pocket, backpack or purse without a problem. It’s an irreplaceable gadget to bring along on a trip!