Blanket Dressing Gown

Soft wearable blanket

A warm blanket
with sleeves

What can you do in long, frosty evenings? There are several options, but sometimes the nicest thing to do is to hide at home with a cup of hot tea, the season of a favourite TV series, cover yourself with a cosy blanket. The Blanket Dressing Gown is a large, warm blanket with sleeves, which will easily cover you, while allowing freedom of hand movements.

Comfy and cosy

The gadget is made of thick polar fleece. It’s comfy, cosy and big enough to cover you from head to toe. It has sleeves and capacious pocket on a belly.

Useful in many situations

Thanks to wide sleeves, the hands are free so you can stay active while wearing the blanket. It's useful in many situations, esp. at home: while reading, watching films or playing on a games console. It can warm you not only while sitting at home but also relaxing outdoor.

A gift for beloved person

Wearable blanket works perfectly as a gift for beloved person – it emphasizes that you care about her. A perfect gift for people who like to feel warm and for all home birds. It can be an extraordinary gift for Valentine's Day or an anniversary. It will work perfectly as a gift for a girlfriend or a boyfriend, wife or husband.

Meet our blankets

Blanket Dressing Gown

A sleeved blanket designed for adults.

Blanket Dressing Gown for Couple

A sleeved blanket designed for adults. This blanket makes a nice and romantic present for Valentine’s Day and works perfectly as a wedding gift.

Blanket Dressing Gown Junior

A sleeved blanket designed for children aged 4 - 9.