Beach Towels

Printed beach towels in unusual shapes

Not only on the beach

A towel in an original shape is a desirable gadget that you can sit on, lie on, or even wrap yourself with.

Perfect for spreading out on the beach, at the pool, on a picnic and use at home. This gadget is also an exciting proposition for anyone who wants to have a printed towel of a distinctive pattern and unusual shape.

Bottle-shaped beach towel with an overprint of a whisky

Bottle Towel

When you’re faced with the choice: small or large whisky, which do you choose? We recommend a large one – preferably one that is nearly two meters tall.

The Bottle Towel is a product for whisky lovers and everyone who wishes to have a towel with a distinctive design and unusual shape. And although sadly, you cannot empty this bottle, it will undoubtedly make you stand out among other beach-goers.

Printed beach towel in the shape of an electric guitar

Guitar Towel

A huge electric guitar lying on the beach or next to the hotel's pool is an unusual and eye-catching view. So, if you like to arouse curiosity or provoke people to talk, then this guitar gift is just right for you. And while you can't play a solo on this oversized instrument, thanks to it you will certainly stand out of the crowd of other sunbathers.

Towel covered with an ageless carpet pattern

Beach Carpet Towel

If you are tired of popular designs, pick a classic in a very tongue-in-cheek version – the Beach Carpet Towel. A model only for those with a sense of humour that will make you stand out and provide you with the most memorable beach towel within several kilometres. A practical pattern on which sand will not be a surprise or a bother.